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"She was my friend": Alec Baldwin gave his first interview after the tragedy with a cameraman on the set of the film

Alec Baldwin on Saturday answered questions about the accident with cinematographer Galina Hutchins. After pesky paparazzi tracked him down in Manchester, Vermont, he had to stop his car on the side of the road and be interviewed for the first time since the incident. Baldwin said he was prompted to talk about the aggressiveness of the journalists and the fact that his children were "crying in the car."

Although the exchange of views on the road was intense, it was also polite. The actor has repeatedly said that he cannot relate to the investigation but added that he is in daily contact with the Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office.

I cannot answer questions about the investigation, I cannot. This is an active investigation. A woman died. She was my friend. We were a very, very well-tuned team making the film together, and then this terrible thing happened.

Baldwin said the incident was "one in a trillion" and that such incidents are extremely rare. Alec has confirmed that he is in contact with the Hutchins family - especially her husband.

I saw Matthew [husband of Galina Hutchins]. The guy is overwhelmed with grief. He is shocked and was left alone with his 9-year-old son.
What needs to happen now is that when things go wrong and this is a terrible disaster, new measures must be taken. Whatever other people decide, this is the best way to protect people on set. I am all for it, I will cooperate with them in every possible way.

Alec Baldwin also produced Rust. He noted that he "sincerely doubts" that production of the film will ever resume. A spokesman for the film's producers did not comment on this.

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