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Windows 11 managed to start on an old Intel Pentium 4 processor

Owners of very budget PC assemblies with old components may not worry about installing a new operating system. Windows 11 can be installed and even run fine even on low-end hardware from 2006. An enthusiast under the nickname Carlos_SM1995 was personally convinced of this, who successfully installed the new OS on unsuitable hardware on demand.

The user-installed Windows 11 on a PC with an old Intel Pentium 4 661 processor, ASUS P5Q motherboard, and 4 gigabytes of DDR2 memory. All components were produced around 2005 - 2006. The only thing that had to be installed from a more modern one is a video card - GeForce GT 710.

His unusual experiment Carlos_SM1995 conducted a preliminary assembly of Windows 11, even then the system got up without any problems. Old components only affect the speed of the operating system. According to the enthusiast, it takes a very long time to run on Windows 11 on an old processor, even if the installation is carried out on an SSD drive.

Perhaps the new operating system will suffer from slow processes and startup programs, but otherwise, it remains fully functional.

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